5 Potent Gymnastic Rings Exercises Grow Muscle Faster

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The rings are potent for building muscles, shrinking your waistline, and rings get you ripped.

This is no joke…

After a few months of working out with your gymnastic rings, you’ll probably never want to wear a shirt again.

And here’s the thing, you only need to use a mere handful of gymnastic ring exercises to pack on some serious muscles. When you get strong at these five exercises and your form is spot on, maybe then, you’d look at adding more rings exercises to your program.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or advanced trainer, because these five gymnastic ring exercises right below are ones you’ll use often, because they build a strong strength base for you, and because of their potency for growing muscle.

Now let’s dig in…

At-Home Gymnastic Rings Workout Routine

#1 Ring Dips

gymnastic ring dips

If you’re keen on a set of jacked shoulders for yourself, bigger arms, and a defined chest, start dipping because this exercise packs on muscle in your upper body.

If you’re new to training with the gymnastics rings, you may find ring dips difficult to impossible at the start. Hang in there, because dips are an exercise you’ll learn to love because of the impressive shoulders they build for you.

When you first start out on the rings, you’ll probably wobble around like a fish on a hook. I know I sure did. Hold on tight, persist, and you’ll get stronger.

If you’re struggling with the rings and your dips, just start by holding your body weight with your arms locked out straight.

How To Do Dips With The Rings:

You want to dip down as far as you can, then drive back up. If your biceps touch the rings you’re getting good depth in your movement.

If you can’t dip your own body weight, do what I said earlier, hold your own body weight, or you can get a set of resistance bands. As you get stronger you’ll use a thinner band, then no band at all.

How To Do Assisted Ring Dips With A Resistance Band:

Using the gymnastic rings, hold the band in your hands, then put your knees on the band. Now, do the dip movement, the band takes some of your weight and makes it a little easier to push back up. Keep at it because over time you get stronger and you’ll soon notice those nice jacked shoulders.

So, the message is clear:

Dips are great for your upper body and more, you’re building your core strength at the same time. If you have a goal of doing ring muscle-ups, then you’ll need to get stronger at your ring dips.

#2 Ring Face Pulls

gymnastic ring face pulls

Ring face-pulls are an effective gymnastic ring exercise for developing and building powerful back and shoulder muscles.

That’s right, you’ll work your posterior deltoid, trapezius, and rhomboid major just to name a few of the many muscles you’ll build. If you don’t know where these muscles are no sweat, you’ll soon see them growing bigger.

How To Do Ring Face-Pulls:

You’ll start with your body on an angle so you can get at least 10 reps out. For most people, this will be close to an upright position, maybe a 30-degree angle. It’s important to keep good form with this movement, don’t round your back. And keep the movement smooth.

Then, you pull your body forwards keeping your elbows out at 90 degrees.

As you get stronger with this movement you’ll increase the angle until you’re nearly parallel with the ground.

Done right, you’ll feel it in your back muscles, and your shoulder muscles.

Ring face-pulls help build bullet-proof shoulders, defined back and shoulder muscles, which look great when you’re parading around with your shirt off.

Not only that…

If you sit all day and your shoulders tend to slouch forwards, ring face-pulls help strengthen your back muscles and pull your shoulders back.

Ring Face Pull Muscles Worked:

You’re working the muscles in your upper back area, the muscles between your shoulder blades and the rear of your delts.

#3 Ring Chin-Ups

gymnastic ring chin-ups

Nothing demonstrates raw power and strength than a man rep’n out chin-ups on a set of gymnastic rings. Even wild lions would stop to enjoy this display of strength.

The ring chin-up builds that athletic V-shape look that tappers down to a trim waistline and six-pack abs.

Not only do ring pull-ups give you visually pleasing back muscles, they also build bigger biceps for you.

How To Do Ring Chin-Ups:

With your palms facing you, grip the rings, pull your shoulder blades back, then pull yourself up. This movement works your back and arm muscles.

If you struggle with ring chin-ups…

Do band-assisted chin-ups, using a resistance band. Hold the band in your hands with the rings, then put your knees on the band, now start doing your reps. As you get stronger you can use a thinner band, eventually, you won’t need a band at all.

#4 Gymnastic Ring Rows With Your Feet On A Chair Or Box

gymnastic ring rows

They are like a seated row you might do in a gym. However, the gymnastic ring row is far superior when it comes to building back muscles. I believe this is one of the most effective exercises you can use for your back, rear delts and arms.

Because of the position, the ring row nails your upper body… builds your back, arm, and ab muscles.

How To Do Ring Rows:

You set your rings up so when you lay on the ground and grab hold of the gymnastic rings, you’re back is off the ground with your arms stretched out straight. You don’t want your back to touch the ground during the exercise.

Then, you put your heels on a chair or box or whatever, so you can get your body parallel.

Keeping your body rigid and flat, pull up with your arms. This is all about your arms and back muscles, so mentally focus on them. Keep the movement smooth and controlled.

#5 Ring Push Ups

You can do ring push-ups with your feet on the ground, which means your body is on a slight angle. Or you can put your feet up, and set your gymnastic rings up so your body is parallel.

How To Do Ring Push Ups:

Set your gymnastic rings up so they are close to the ground. Get down into the push-up position holding your rings. Feet on the ground. Now do your push ups.

If you find this position too difficult, lift your rings up higher so your body is on more of an angle. The increase in angle makes it easier for you.

Unlike normal push-ups, the ring push-up is harder because the rings are unstable, and your core strength kicks in so you can hold the position.

Starting With These 5 Gymnastics Rings Exercises You Can Build Muscles Get Stronger And Lose Belly Fat

You could think of these five gymnastic ring exercises as muscle-building-foundations, that’s because they target, work, and build all of your upper body muscles.

There’s no point trying any of that tricky stuff you see online until you get stronger, build muscles and get the foundation movements right. Because if you’re not strong and you try the tricky stuff, you’ll pull muscles, or worse, do serious damage to your rotator cuff.

You Can Build Your Upper Body Using Gymnastic Rings?

If all you ever did with your gymnastics rings were these five exercises, and you kept adding more resistance, like a weighted vest, or hung weights off you or slowed the tempo of your reps down. In 6-12 months you’d look and feel stronger and have packed on some lean muscle.

It gets even better…

You’d be closer to nailing muscle-ups. When you’re strong at chin-ups and dips, then all you need is the technique, and you’re off doing muscle-ups.

Summary Workouts With Gymnastics Rings

For men of any training level, owning a set of gymnastics rings is an investment in muscles. You can take them anywhere with you and you always get an effective workout done.

And for women of any age, the rings are potent muscles makers

The 5 exercises you’ve seen are a great place to start because you can keep on progressing them so you build strength, build impressive muscle, and feel confident when you peel off your t-shirt at the beach.

Gymnasts know how to train for strength and muscle, and you can use the same principles for yourself.

Now go train and build muscle.

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