Are Ring Push Ups Harder?

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Yeah, ring push-ups are harder than normal old push-ups and they are harder for many reasons we’ll get to in just a moment.

And more…

Ring push-ups are harder than… drinking beer, taking the out the bins, having sex, and many other activities, don’t let that put you off the rings. Because what the rings can you give you is an upper-body wild lion’s stop and stare at in awe.

Do this…

Put that distraction device of yours commonly called a smartphone, onto Do Not Disturb and lock your eyes on this page.

Why Are Ring Pushups So Hard?

Because you’re weak and we need to get you stronger.

And here’s why else…

Because the straps that hold the rings are long, this makes the rings unstable and want to wobble around. So you’ve got to use more muscles to hold the rings steady and in place. And that’s why the rings are harder and such a potent exercise for you.

Are Ring Pushups Better?

Better than drinking 8 beers on a Friday night and smacking a gram of coke…

Sure the rings are better for you than 8 beers on a Friday night and a gram of coke.

Are the rings safer for you than bench press? Absolutely. Why? Because you can keep your arms closer to your side in a safe neutral position. Did you know that heaps of dudes do shoulder joint damage from heavy bench press? This kind of thing happens a bit.

A dumbbell bench press is a far safer option for building your chest than bar bench press

The thing with ring push-ups is this…

There comes a time when you’re stronger than 10 men. Which means you’re going to need to add more resistance to your ring push-ups.

You might have to throw on a weighted vest or get your partner to push down on you. Or if you are too strong, lay a small car on your back to add more resistance.

When it comes to upper body pushing strength, the rings offer you the potency you’ll need to shock your muscles into growing.

What Type Of Push-Ups Are The Hardest?

The hardest ring push-ups are when you put your arms on the outside of the rings, this makes the rings feel even more unstable.

Here’s what hand position on the outside looks like:

Other Ring Push Up Variations Are:

  • Ring archer push-ups
  • Weight plates on your back
  • Weight vest
  • Wide ring push up
  • Regular push-ups with a sandbag or weight on back
  • Standard ring push up with resistance bands

How Can I Make My Ring Push Ups Harder?

You can use any or all of the options mentioned above for enhancing upper body strength, muscle mass, and general awesomeness.

There’s a few ring push-up variations you can use from starting in the push-up position.

Here’s how you do the ring archer push up:

And here are more ways you can make the rings harder so you grow bigger muscles:

Are Ring Muscle Ups Easier?

Ring muscle ups are one of the hardest exercises you can do with the rings.

Think about it…

You start below the rings, then you’ve got your pull your body weight up, manoeuvre yourself into the dip position, then drive up out of the dip.

If you suck at ring chin-ups and dips, you won’t get a ring muscle-up out.

What you’ll need to do is build your strength, get stronger at chin-ups, pull-ups, and get stronger at dips.

Making Push-Ups Challenging

If you struggle with ring push-ups you’re best off going back to traditional push-ups using your own body weight and then progressing to more challenging variations.

Let’s say reps of 20 bodyweight push-ups are easy for you.

  • What you could do is, in the push-up position use a weighted vest to add more resistance to the movement.
  • You could get someone to put weight plates on your back.
  • You could get someone to push down on you

Once you’re now stronger and can nail a few versions of standard push-ups then you’d move back to ring push-ups.

Why progress like this?

Because if you wobble around on the rings like a fish on the hook, and your form is shit, and you can barely do 2 reps. You’re not ready for the rings.

Increase Your Shoulder Size With Ring Dips

Ring dips help build your chest and shoulder muscles. If you like the idea of a set of jacked shoulders, then you’ll want to include ring dips.

Thing is though…

Don’t get hyper-excited and start dipping every session because your shoulder joints won’t like it.

Are Ring Pulls Ups Good For You?

Here’s the thing with any pull-up or chin-up variation…

Everyone is told and led to believe chins ups are great for you and you got do chin-ups. This is not the case and here’s why:

Biological factors, such as the structure of your shoulder joint, can make you more susceptible to a rotator cuff injury

If you do pull-ups regularly, then the constant overhead motion can make you prone to a rotator cuff injury. Most fitness “professionals” and insta-wankers don’t know this.

If you’re doing chin-ups a few times a week, and you do them week in and week out, you may find you start having issues with your shoulder joint.

Should you avoid ring pull-ups altogether?

No, just don’t do them all the time, once a week, once every couple of weeks, or once a month are all good.

Summary Why Ring Push-Ups Are Hard And How You Can Make Them Easier

If you struggle with ring push-ups, you have to get stronger.

Ring push-ups are harder than normal push-ups because the straps make the rings unstable, which makes them want to wobble around. So you have to work hard just to stop your arms from shaking.

If you’re keen on pushing exercises that build muscle and make you leaner and sexy, rings deliver this and more.

The great thing about the rings are, there’s plenty of progression exercises you can use.

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