Can You Lose A Beer Belly In 1 Month

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Reef your shirt up high so you can see your gut then go stand in front of a mirror.

Does the gut look big and would you say there’s a bit of fat to lose?

It’s best you take an honest assessment so you can see exactly where you’re starting from and what excess weight you’ve got to lose.

Here’s the thing about beer belly…

Beer belly is a fancy name someone came up with at some point in time. So let’s call it exactly what it is. Fat. For you to lose the fat gut it’s best we shoot straight from the hip and don’t sugar coat any of this.

You’ve gained weight because your diet is shit, you probably eat too much, maybe a lack of exercise, maybe you consume too much alcohol and whatever other shit you’re shoving down your throat.

Now, can you lose your beer belly in 1 month?

Probably not, do the right things and you can begin to shrink your beer belly in a month. But losing all the fat in your belly in one month? Well, that all depends on how fat you are right now, what you’re prepared to do, and what your training experience is.

If you’d like to see some of your visceral fat shrink over the next 30-days, then put down that beer and drink in every word on this page.

How Long Does A Beer Belly Take To Lose?

It takes as long as it takes. I know that’s not something you won’t want to hear, but them the facts.

What to know why?

Because I have no idea how fat you are right now, how you currently eat, how you workout, and what you’re prepared to do to lose weight.

If you’re lazy and riddled with excuses, best exit now.

Take The Dick Test You Can Do To Work Out How Much Time It’ll Take To Lose The Beer Belly

When you’re naked and look down, can you see your dick? If you look down and you can see all your pecker, then you’re in a better starting position than the guy who can’t see his dick.

How does the dick test relate to the time taken to lose the gut?

If the view of your dick is blocked out by your gut, then start adding baches of 30-days together.

The problem with being in an all-fired-hurry to lose your fat gut in 1 month is this.

Anyone who’s in a hurry to lose fat is like a chicken on speed, they scurry around with a frantic empty look in their eye. Which means there’s a lot of action going on but nothing gets done.

Instead of focusing on time, and a supposed “quick weight loss fix” instead focus on what you need to do consistently over time to lose weight and keep it off.

Focus On The Solution Not The Problem

The problem is weight gain which ends up as belly fat. Belly fat is the end result of what you eat, drink, and the exercise you don’t do.

The solution is to stop feeding fat what it loves. Fat loves processed food, no exercise, alcohol intake, and an unhealthy diet.

The solution is, to focus on a healthy lifestyle and the weight falls right off.

Eat clean protein sources, plenty of veggies, and some fruit, get out into nature, walk daily, and strength train.

How Much Belly Fat Can You Lose In A Month?

Everyone is different, there is no exact amount of beer belly fat everyone loses in a month. You could lose anywhere from 2kg to 5kg, but here’s the thing about fat loss.

When you want to lose weight, you can’t magically create targeted fat loss from the exact spot on your body you most want to lose the weight from. (Like abdominal fat.) When the weight comes off your body the weight comes off from all over your body not just the one spot.

So if you lose 2kg, it’s not 2kg directly from your belly.

Do you get what I’m saying?

For a lot of people, their belly is the last place all of the fat comes off from. They lose belly fat but takes time to lose it all.

Just like there’s no Santa and there’s no magic to weight loss, there is no “one special thing” you do to lose fat. What you do is change some of your lifestyle choices so they are healthier and you become consistent with eating healthy and working out.

How Beer Affects Your Body’s Ability To Lose Unwanted Body Fat

Fat cells in your body get bigger when your nutrition is shit, you drink too much, and you eat a lot of processed foods.

When you add beer or any alcohol consumption to a shitty diet you’ve created the perfect environment to store fat. What the alcohol does is, adds excess calories your body can’t burn off.

Alcohol consumption blunts your body’s ability to lose fat or burn fat. Get this, in 1 gram of alcohol, there are 9 calories. In 1 gram of protein, there are 4 calories, so you can see how if you’re already eating too many calories each day, and you drink alcohol, you’re screwed.

Because there’s nowhere to store alcohol in your body, alcohol is not a nutrient your body needs. Your body burns off the alcohol first and stores the food as fat.

Combine shitty nutrition with alcohol consumption you get fatter, fatter, and fatter.

If you want to lose the gut here’s what you’ve got to do.

What Happens When You Go Alcohol-FREE For 30-Days

You’re here because you want to lose fat, so stop drinking alcohol. When you stop drinking here’s what begins to happen for you. Your waist circumference begins to shrink, you feel more energized, and your body can start burning fat like a coal-fired power station.

Beer consumption or any form of alcohol intake doesn’t help you lose body weight.

Dial Your Nutrition In

If you’re not currently cooking your own food you need to start immediately. The fastest way to lose fat is through your nutrition.

Eat similar meals for lunch and dinner, day in and day out. Similar meals are meals that are almost identical.

Let me give you an example:

Lunch: Lean Proteins with 4-6 different veggies. Dinner: Protein source with 4-6 different veggies.

Why eat similar meals?

Because they save you from thinking about what you have to eat, it’s easy to make quick adjustments, and it’s easier to get results.

The biggest cause of weight gain is your diet + alcohol intake.

Lift Weights

Muscle mass is the most valuable asset in your body. As you age if you’re not strength training your muscles are shrinking and you are getting weaker and weaker.

If you want to look years younger than your age, enjoy a body that feels firm, tight and sexy, and looks athletic. Start lifting weights.

Walk Every Day

When you combine these ingredients:

Nutrition + Strength training + walking every day (8000+steps) you now have all the ingredients required to lose fat and get a smoking-hot body.

You don’t even need to do any high-intensity interval training. Strength training 2-4 days a week, dial your nutrition in, walk, and you’ll soon be giggling with how sexy your body looks.

Can I Flatten My Stomach In A Month?

If you stomach is big, no. If your stomach is tiny, yes.

Why set yourself up to fail with a 30-day “got to get my stomach flat” goal.

Try this instead…

Over the next 30-days aim to eat two healthy meals a day that you’ve cooked using the similar meal approach

Strength train 3-4 days a week

Walk every day, walk in the morning and afternoon or evening

If you focus on those three things above, then here’s what starts to happen to you. You’ll begin to shift the visceral fat.

How Can I Lose My Gut In 30 Days?

To lose some of your gut in 30-days you’ve first got to stop doing what caused your weight gain. If you don’t sort that part out, there is no weight loss.

Walking daily is a great aerobic exercise and it’s free.

If you’ve got drinking habits, then you’ll need to go alcohol-free because drinking alcohol creates more calories than you need when you’re trying to lose fat.

lose fat storage.

Summary Lose Beer Belly Fat

Beer belly is simply fat. What causes someone to gain fat? The food they eat, lack of exercise, unhealthy lifestyle, and alcohol.

If you’re serious about losing your fat gut:

  • Clean up your nutrition, cook your own meals, eat similar meals made up of a protein source and 4-6 veggies
  • Strength train 2-4 times a week
  • Walk daily, 8000+ steps a day, walk in the morning, and afternoon/evening because walking is great for physical and mental health
  • Go alcohol-free for at least 30-days

When you drink alcohol it blunts your body’s ability to lose weight, your body burns off the alcohol first and stores the food you eat as fat.

If you’re carrying unwated body fat the extra calories in alcohol make it impossible for you to burn off your excess fat.

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