Best Small Space Workout

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If you want to lose unwanted body fat, increase lean muscle mass, and boost your energy levels you’re in the right place.

And if you’ve got a small space to work out in with limited workout equipment, you’re definitely in the right place.

That’s because when it comes to a home workout…

Losing weight, getting leaner, and increasing your lean muscle mass, none of that has anything to do with the size of the space you work out in. Because what counts, is the type of exercise you do in the space you have, and the food you eat.

If you’re keen to make noticeable and fast changes to your body transformation. Read this short yet valuable article on small spaces workouts. Because what you’ll discover is how you can transform your body in any small space.

How Do You Lose Weight In A Small Room?

Before you rip into any small space exercise or go ballistic with jumping jacks, Jills, or Peters.

Understand your nutrition plays a critical role in fat loss. If your diet is poor, you can do the best exercises in the world on a yoga mat made from organic organics, and it won’t matter one bit because you’ll struggle to lose unwanted body fat.


Because it works like this…

If you’re carrying unwanted body fat, there’s certain foods fat loves, and if you keep consuming those foods, you’re feeding the fat. And if you’re eating too much food, you’re never in a calorie deficit so you don’t lose weight.

So how do you clean up your diet quickly and easily?

The easiest way to clean up your diet is, eat similar meals. Lunch and dinner are similar every day of the week. Protein source with 3-5 veggies, sweet potato, or rice. Flavour your meals with natural spices or a healthy chili sauce.

Why eat similar meals?

Because you can quickly and easily make adjustments, which helps you lose unwanted body fat. And you don’t have to weigh and measure your food.

If you’re eating a million different things a week and you’re not losing fat, it’s hard to work out what’s causing the fat gain.

When you eat meals that are similar, it becomes super quick and easy to make any adjustments, and what people find is, unwanted body fat comes off faster and stays off.

In Any Small Spaces, Strength Training Is The Best Exercise

Countless studies now prove your body burns fat for up to 24 hours after a strength training session. This is called the “after-burn effect.”

The after-burn window is much smaller for cardio workouts.

Research shows if you’re not doing some form of strength training, as you age, your muscle mass shrinks.

If you want to lose fat, look leaner, and look years younger than your age, strength train. Your muscle helps you burn fat.

What Exercises Can I Do At Home In A Small Space?

Strength training.

Get a set of resistance bands and you get an instant home gym. And more, because the bands are lightweight, you’ve got a portable gym you can take anywhere.

The potency of bands is…

In a very small space, you can do over 100 different exercises, these exercises help you lose unwanted body fat, build lean muscle, and get you leaner.

  • Example Exercise:
  • Banded Face-Pulls
  • Banded Lunges
  • Banded Rows
  • Banded Push-Ups
  • Banded Glute Bridges
  • Banded Curls
  • Banded Shoulder Press

And here’s something else that accelerates the results you get…

Chin-Up Bar

A chin-up bar fits nicely into any hundreds of small spaces.

What’s more…

There’s many ways you can use a chin-up bar to transform your body. Apart from chin-ups, you can hang gymnastic rings or a TRX off the chin-up bar, and now you’ve more potent exercises you can use to transform your body over the next 6-12 months.

How Do You Do Cardio In A Small Room?

If you don’t have any cardio equipment here’s what you can do to get your heart rate up in any small space.

Do 5 rounds, rest 2mins then repeat 5 more rounds:

  • 7 Push-Ups
  • 10 Mountain Climbers
  • 20 Quick Air Punches
  • 10 Alternating Lunges

Try it, feel how your breathing changes and it’s a great full body workout.

Are Small Workouts Effective?

Workouts in small spaces are effective, and they come down to this.

You’ve got to use the right type of exercise, which you now know is strength training. Your ability to execute the movements, how long you’ve been training for, and the effort you put into the session. These all have a direct impact on how effective any workout you do is.

You could have the best workout equipment in the world available to you, however, if you don’t know what you’re doing, your diets poor, you don’t put in enough effort. Then your workouts suck and aren’t effective enough to get results.

Is A 10 Minute Workout Enough?

Yes, 10 minutes is enough for a workout if that’s all you’ve got. Again, it comes down to what I just mentioned right above this. You got to know what you’re doing, and you’ve got use a program written by someone who knows what they are doing.

If 10 minutes is all you’ve got, focus on strength exercises. You want to build lean muscle because that’s going unlock the body you want.

Is 5 Minutes Enough Cardio?

If you did 5 minutes of cardio what would you hope to achieve from it?

Would you like to get fitter?

Would you like to lose fat? Or do you want both?

The 5 minutes is only as effective as the exercise you do and the intensity you work to.

In 5 minutes you can do a mini strength training workout. In 5 minutes you can do an aggressive boxing workout.

If you’ve only got 5 minutes to workout in, and you want to see visible results, choose your exercises carefully.

What Exercises Can I Do At Home In A Small Space?

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Push-Ups
  • Dips
  • Chin Ups
  • Rows
  • Boxing
  • Step-Ups
  • Skipping

How Can I Do Cardio At Home Quietly?

If you’ve got some type of exercise machine like a rower, or assault bike it’s hard to keep them quiet.

If you’re not using any equipment, put down a mat of some type, even a yoga mat, and keep yourself on the mat. If you’re using weights put them down on the mat gently.

Here’s An Ultra-Quiet Workou To Try:

  • 7 Push-Ups
  • 10 Mountain Climbers
  • 20 Quick Air Punches
  • 10 Alternating Lunges

How Much Space Do You Need For A Small Home Gym?

If you got yourself…

A flat bench, chin-up bar, some kettlebells or dumbbells, weighted vest, set of bands, gymnastic rings or TRX, that stuff doesn’t take up a lot of space and there’s plenty of great workouts and exercises you can do in all sorts of small spaces.

How Do You Work Out In A Small Apartment?

Get some of the equipment below:

  • Kettlebell
  • Dumbbell
  • Bands
  • Chin-Up Bar
  • Flat Bench
  • Gymnastic Rings or TRX

You get yourself some of this equipment mentioned about, and you’ve now got yourself enough gear to transform your body.

Your focus has got to be on getting stronger and building lean muscle. I cannot ram this point home enough. So many body problems and issues people face, get solved fast when you build lean muscle and get stronger.

When you look at a man or woman you can tell if their body looks firm and tight, and you can see muscle definition. On the other hand, you can look at a man or woman and tell if their body looks soft and doughy.

The difference between the bodies is strength training which makes you stronger and builds lean muscle.

If You Don’t Own Any Workout Equipment

Get yourself a set of bands. Because with the bands, there’s a lot you can do, and importantly you can nail your back muscles. You won’t be able to do this without any equipment… unless you are strong and can bust out chin-ups.

With your bands, you’ve now got a mini-gym which is 1000 times better than having no equipment.

Now your lunging, doing squats, seated rows, banded face-pulls, hamstring curls, glute bridges, push-press, curls, and you’re muscles feel the forces of the resistance working on them.

This video shows you 8 exercises you can do with bands:

What Is The Best Workout With No Equipment?

Great questions…

For the majority of people looking to work out at home in a small space, the best workout has at a minimum, a set of bands in it, for all the reasons and more I just gave in the section above.

The small investment you make in bands stops you from wasting your valuable time with any no-equipment workouts.

You get superior results and faster results when you use some form of equipment.

What Is The Minimum Cardio Workout?

Can you bound up a set of stairs without sounding like you’re dying from a lack of oxygen?

If not. You may want to do more than the minimum cardio workout.

Go for a walk, because physically and mentally you get wonderful benefits from taking a walk. And you burn off unwanted body fat.

Walk upstairs, steep roads, or hills because this gets your heart rate up. The higher intensity gives you greater health benefits.

What Is A Good Workout Routine For Beginners At Home?

A great routine is strength training.

I’ve mentioned on this page a few times now about bands and what you get from training with them. Get set some bands.


Because from beginners to advanced trainers, bands have plenty to offer.

When you’re a beginner there’s many bodyweight exercises you’ll struggle with because of your current strength levels. The bands help you build strength safely and progress to more challenging exercises that deliver greater results.

As a beginner, correct from is essential. When you’re doing exercises like bodyweight squats, lunges, push-ups, banded rows, banded face-pulls, banded curls you want your use the correct form.

Your focus is exercises that make you stronger because then you’re building muscle which is the critical element when it comes to your body transformation.

Here’s A Workout A Beginner Could Do:


  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Push-ups

With Resistance Bands:

  • Seated rows
  • Banded face-pulls
  • Banded Curls

A good workout is…

Anything that makes you stronger, builds lean muscles and feels heavy. If you have limited time, limited space, your best to invest in equipment that makes you stronger.

Wrapping Up Work Out In Small Spaces

Workouts in small spaces and effective.

What counts more than where you work out, is how you work out, and how effective those workouts are.

In small spaces, you can get in great shape. Prisoners locked in solitary confinement prove this is possible.

Your focus must be on strength training exercises because that’s how you lose unwanted body fat, build lean muscle, and look years younger than your age. With strength training your body looks firm, tight, and athletic.

Without strength training, a body looks soft, weak, and doughy.

If you don’t own any workout equipment get some. A set of resistance bands will do for starters. With your bands, you can do some 263 body transformation exercises.

And more…

Can you nail your back muscles with your bands and any wobbly parts on your arms.

If you don’t know what exercises to do, invest in a workout program written by someone who does know what they are doing. Then every second of your workout counts and every workout you do counts.

Now go train.

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