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Get Ripped At Home Or Out In Nature

Build a Body Wild Lions Stop & Stare At In Awe… Simply Using Gymnastic Rings, Resistance Bands and Kettlebells

You don’t need much equipment at all to get yourself a powerful, healthy, athletic body you’re proud of.

Fact is…

With a set of Resistance Bands, Gymnastic Rings, and a few Kettlebells you can get into the best shape of your life.

If you want to lose weight, get fitter, build athletic muscle, have more energy, have more adventures, and importantly… improve your mental health, you can.

And the good news is…

You can work out at home, a park, farm, the beach, or anywhere in nature you want to take your gear.

G’day, my name’s Ben Forde … 

And like you, I’m pretty busy.  

I own and run businesses, work decent hours and with the limited time I have each day, I get an effective workout done.

Once upon a time I was a PT. I still obsessively read, study and test training theories. What works I keep, what doesn’t I throw out… so I know what works in the real world for getting busy men in great shape.  

Training outdoors gets you back to basics, calms your mind and the clean fresh air is healthy for you

Gyms have artificial light, air conditioning, and a lot of people. Your home and the outdoors are healthier and cleaner places.  

With some easy-to-carry work out equipment you can train anywhere you want.

Set some gymnastic rings set up at home, or head out into nature with them and get a muscle-building workout done.

With a set of Resistance bands, there’s hundreds of muscle building, fat burning, strength-building exercises you can do.

Or use a couple of Kettlebells to carve out your athletic body.

Get outdoors and become mentally and physically stronger

Something special starts to happen to your mind and body when you train outdoors all year round.

Mentally and physically you’ll begin to notice this difference in you. The bitter cold winter and the hot summer helps you to carve out a new impressive and powerful you. And your mind becomes clearer, calmer, and sharper from training outdoors.

When you keep your training basic, raw and real, you’ll begin to see faster results.

I urge you to take a look around here and grab what you need. This gear is tough, made-to-last, and gets you in great shape.

What’s more…

I’ll show you the most effective ways to use this equipment, and I’ll give you proven tips, strategies, and ideas so you get a body wild lions stop and stare at in awe.   

Now let’s have some fun and adventures.

If you’ve got any questions or you need any help, get in touch with me. 

Chat soon

Ben Forde