Can You Grow A Bigger Chest Using Gymnastic Rings?

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Does beef come from cows?

Yes, beef does and… yes you can build a jacked chest with rings.

Get this…

Ring training is highly effective for stimulating, activating your chest muscles, and forcing growth in your pecs. Of course, this only happens when you know how to use the rings.

Have you seen those Olympic gymnasts?

What you’ll instantly notice is they have big jacked upper body muscles.

Want to know why?

Because those guys do a lot of training on the gymnastic rings.

The rings are just like any piece of workout equipment, if you don’t know what you’re doing and if you don’t understand the basics of progressive overload… then you’re wasting your time and your chest muscles won’t grow.

Here’s another little thought:

And if you don’t train hard enough, your chest won’t grow. Also, if you’re not eating the right foods, your chest won’t grow no matter how many chest squeeze you do.

If you’re keen to get more defined chest muscles then you better laser your eyeballs on this page.

Do Rings Build Chest?

To grow bigger muscles the principle of progressive must be applied to your training. And progressive overload is this.

Progressive overland is, you increase the reps or you increase the resistance.

How Progressive Overload Works For Muscle Growth

Here’s what progressive overload looks like:

Let’s say you’re using the rings and you’re doing 3 sets of 12 bodyweight push-ups.

You could do more reps, but more reps mean more wear and tear on your joints, and if you’re over 40 high reps are public enemy number one for your aging joints.

To add more resistance to the moment so you grow muscles. What you could do is wear a weight vest which makes the ring push-ups harder. Instead of busting out reps of 12, maybe now you can only get 6-8 reps out.

Can You Get Big With Gymnastic Rings?

You can build a bigger upper body using gymnastic rings, however, you’ll struggle to build bigger leg muscles using gymnastic rings.

When you’re first starting out with the rings, what you may notice is, that many of the exercises you want to do are too hard for you. You’ll need to use progressions exercises.

Example: Ring push-ups are too hard for you. You bring the rings up to hip height, now you’ve increased the angle and made the exercise easier for your level of strength.

How Do Gymnasts Get Big Chest?

The great thing about the rings is this, there’s many different chest exercises you can do. Some exercises with a chest squeeze. What you do is a the top of the ring push up position you tense your chest muscles.

And your chest gets bigger when you train hard, and use progressive overload.

Starting Position For Bigger Chest And Upper Body Using Gymnastics Rings

Now we look at a few exercises that are known for their ability to stimulate muscle growth even in the most stubborn of chests and upper body growth.

Ring Push-Ups

You want to make sure you keep your body straight, a lot of men arch their backs or stick their ass high in the air. Keep your body straight like a surfboard.

Ring Pull Ups

You don’t want to overdo pull-ups, why? Because doing pull-ups every session can lead to shoulder joint injuries, and a lot of guys find they start to get diminishing returns. They end up getting fewer, and fewer pull-ups out.

There are more effective exercises to work your back and lats.

Ring Dips

Ring dips are a potent exercise for your shoulders and chest, like pull-ups you don’t want to overdo them.

Ring Flys

You’ll probably find your starting position for these is, rings set up higher off the ground. Why? Because if your rings are down near the ground you may not be strong enough right now to do ring flys in the low position.

And this is what’s great about the rings, you can use progression exercises and still grow your muscles.

Muscle Ups

Muscle-ups are an advanced exercise and it’s probably going to take you a bit of time to build up to getting one muscle-up.

You’ve got to be strong at pull-ups and strong at dips. If you currently struggle with these two exercises, forget muscle-ups you’ve got stronger.

If you can do 8 pull-ups and 8 dips then there’s no real reason why you can’t do one muscle-up. Once you’ve got the strength to do one muscle-up, what you’ll have to focus on is your muscle-up technique.

Learning to use a false grip on the rings, learning how to get your body forward once you’re into the dip position, then driving up out of the dip.

When you get your first muscle-up it’s a buzz, because it’s not a straightforward exercise, not everyone can do a ring muscle-up and it takes pure strength to get them out.

Here’s Few Beginners Ring Exercises

Can You Build A Chest With Bands?

If you’ve got thicker bands that make push-ups harder for you, sure you can build your chest with the bands.


The bands are no different from any other piece of workout equipment you use. The principles of progressive overload apply… and you’ve got to eat the right type of foods.

Build Bigger Arm Muscles With Gymnastic Rings

When you’re doing a ring pull-up, the entire exercise is working your arm muscles. You’re also working your bicep muscles when you do ring dips.

If you’re looking to put some size on your arms then you’ll love what the rings can do for your arm growth and size.

Why Most People Don’t Get Stronger Or Grow Muscle

The majority of people just don’t train hard enough.

Look at elite athletes, a couple of years after they’ve finished playing professional sport, they look smaller and have lost muscle mass.

It’s a lot of work and effort for your body to grow muscle, and it really doesn’t want to. So if you’re working out and not really pushing yourself and going to failure or real close to it. You’re just wasting your time.

Think about it…

Newbies can get dramatic results in a very short period of time, because there’s plenty of room for improvement.

However, once you’ve been training for years it gets harder and harder to grow more muscle and see results.


Because it’s hard work, you might be close to your genetic potential and your body just isn’t keen of all the work it has to do to grow muscle.

And this is why some thought, effort, and consistency has got to go into your training. If you’re winging it, eating shit food, not getting quality sleep, or live in a super stressed state.

You’re going keep scratching your balls wondering why you just can’t grow bigger muscles.

Summary Building A Bigger Upper Body And Chest With Rings

Rings are a potent piece of equipment when you want to target, work, and force muscle growth in your chest.

And besides that, you’ve got to know how to use the rings. When you’re first starting out on the rings you may need to start with an easier version of an exercise. You do this so you keep good form and avoid injuring yourself.

For example, if you can’t do ring dips, you might have to do banded ring dips. Hold the band in your hands, put your knees onto the band, then start dipping. Then band helps take some of your body weight.

Another example of progressing your ring exercies:

If you can’t do ring pull-ups, then you might have to do band-assisted pull-ups.

And this is the beauty of the rings, you can get stronger and build muscle using a progression of exercises.

Once you get super-strong…

Ring push-ups might be easy for you, so you throw on a weighted vest to add more resistance, or you can get someone to push down on your back a little. Or get someone to place a weight on your back.

Rings build bigger chest muscles when the person using the rings understands how to use them, what exercises to do, how to use progressive overload… and trains hard.

BONUS SECTION: Stop Looking For “One”

Stop looking for fucking one. One piece of equipment, one exercise, one way to get bigger, lose fat, whatever it is you want to do.

It’s a combination of things you do to get a result.

Muscles grow when you train hard, eat well, recover, and repeat.

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