How To Use Resistance Bands

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Get An Athletic Physique With These Do Anywhere Exercises …

If you want to get stronger, build muscles and love the body you see in the mirror… then you’re about to discover how to use resistance bands at home or anywhere you want and get a kick-arse body.  

Fact is…

There’s hundreds, maybe even billions of exercises you can do with resistance bands. Reality is, you don’t need a hundred exercises to get your body in great shape fast.

I’ll show you four different resistance band exercises you can do for starters.

Why only four?

Because these four exercises target more than just one muscle at a time, which means you get faster results using your resistance bands.

Think about it like this…

Why target one small muscle at time, when you can do an exercise that targets, works and grows ten muscles at the one time, delivering faster results for you?

If you know nothing about training with resistance bands, this is for you. If you consider yourself advanced then you probably think you know-it-all. Which means you probably don’t know it all and you’ll benefit from the following as well.  

Now let’s take a look…

What Type Of Resistance Band Should You Use?

There are many different types of resistance bands you can get. The exercises I’m about to show you here are all done using bands that look like the ones in the picture below. These bands are about 1m long and you can get them in about 5 different levels of resistance.

Why this particular resistance band?

Because there’s unlimited ways you can use them and get results, they are light to travel with, come in a range of resistance levels and importantly, they build muscles.

Build Muscle With These 4 Resistance Band Exercises

#1 Banded Thrusters

You can see from the pictures that this movement works many muscles. You’re going down into a squat position, then driving up and pushing the band above your head. Then you repeat the movement.

The great thing about banded thrusters is, you can do them slow, or you can do them explosively. Either way, it won’t take long for your leg muscles and your upper body to feel the intensity.

# 2 Banded Lunges

Lunges are super-effective for building great leg muscles. A lot of people avoid lunges because they can’t get the movement pattern right, or they believe lunges are too hard to do.

Embrace the lunge like you embrace your favourite beer, because lunges build strong, powerful, defined leg muscles.

Lunges help with your balance which is great as you get older. And lunges are safer than loading a heavy bar across your aging back.

# 3 Banded Push Ups

Since the beginning of time a strong defined chest on a man has always been a symbol of strength and confidence.

If you’re flat chested or have breasts and you’re a man, you need to get busy building your chest muscles.

Once you can do push-ups easily with your body weight, start using a band. You put the band across your back, hold it in your hands, then get down and start doing push-ups. You’ll feel the extra resistance and you’ll feel your chest muscles growing with each rep.

#4 Banded Rows

A lot of men have weak under-developed back muscles, and many have poor posture from sitting at desk all day. Let’s fix this for you with resistance band rows.

You can do a banded row by looping the band around your feet, pulling your shoulder blades back, then pulling the band towards you keeping your elbows tucked in by your side.

** Bonus Exercise **

I’m going to gift you a bonus exercise here, because well frankly, this exercise can help eradicate a disease a large number of men seem to suffer from and that disease is Pancake arse.

Pancake arse is a flat arse.

It means you have no arse. Your arse muscle known as the gluteus maximus is meant to be the biggest muscle in your body. But looking at some backsides, the arse has shrunk.

Women love a man with a nice arse, and even if you’ve got a woman she’s silently and desperately wishing you’d go build a powerful arse.  

Apart from an arse being aesthetically pleasing, when your glutes are strong and athletic you dramatically increase your strength and power in the lower half of your body. And this helps with any back pain you may suffer from.

Now for the bonus exercise…

Resistance Band Hip Thrusters

It’s important you activate your glute muscles and that’s exactly what this exercise does for you. Each time to get to the top of the movement, you want to squeeze your ass muscles and hold for a count of two.

You can see how to set yourself up from the photos, and how you position the resistance band. Get it under your heels, then over your hips. Then from that position you drive up with the hips, squeeze your glute muscles for a count of two, then go back down and keep on repeating the movement till your glutes feel like they are on fire. 

You really want to focus on that mind-muscle connection, focus on the muscles you are working which is your glutes.

Wrapping It Up

There are hundreds of exercises you can do with resistance bands, thing is. Start with a handful, master them, get strong with them, then add a few more movements to your routine.

Don’t worry about doing a hundred auxiliary exercises. Auxiliary exercises are any exercise that focuses on a minor muscle group or an individual muscle. You’ll see so called “influencer’” doing these on Instagram.

You’re a man who wants to look and feel strong and powerful. So, when you work out you do exercises that build strong powerful muscles.

If you’ve got any questions email me.

Now go workout with some resistance bands.  

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